A Grove for Lifelong Learning

At Bloom and Grow Preschool we are passionate about helping children plant the seeds of their potential during their formative years. We inspire imagination, cultivate curiosity, nurture self-esteem, foster independence and encourage empathy in the hearts and minds of budding children like yours. Our program provides a hybrid of academic rigor as well as social-emotional awareness designed to foster children's love of learning lifelong. The learning environment at Bloom & Grow Preschool provides best-in-class advantages of challenging early education curriculum meeting state frameworks along with a highly structured, yet comfortable home setting.

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Six spacious discovery areas (one for each subject) at Bloom & Grow Preschool keep children moving, engaged and focused on learning. New theme-based materials are introduced to each area daily to help make every learning experience fresh and exciting.


Bloom & Grow Preschool is a fully-licensed childcare facility. The director/ lead instructor has a multiple subjects credential, a single-subject English credential and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of San Francisco.


Our curriculum, organized into units and themes, meets California Preschool Foundations frameworks. We also specialize in language and literacy development that help children build strong foundations for lifelong learning.